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Listing ID:224350
Title:Mosquito Repellent
Description:Mosquitoes acts as a carrier of lots of diseases and hence proper prevention technique is a must to protect yourself from mosquito bites.Often the most vulnerable people to mosquito bites are pregnant borns and old people.On top of that,some people in these categories are also allergic to certain mosquito repellents available in the market due to the presence of harmful insecticides in some of these mosquito repellents which will cause allergic reactions to these group of users.So,keeping in mind all the ill effects of over-using the existing mosquito repellents in the market,the scientists from our company DIPONED have developed and formulated this mosquito repellent.This product is an electric vaporizer based liquid repellent which works at a set temperature range and can be run 24 by 7, offering maximum protection from Mosquitoe bites without affecting you health badly. SAFE FOR PREGNANT WOMAN,NEW BORNS AND OLDIES You might be wondering how this product will not cause any kind of negative or allergic reactions to the above people.
Category:Top » Health » Child Health
Owner Name:Mohsin Arien

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